16 x 20 Oil on Mounted Linen

Having placed mid-joust for an upcoming late autumn tournament, Sir Tony of Stewart watches the other knights qualify. He confers with one of his able pit squires who must stand atop an upturned barrel beside the stallion, Eldora. Sir Smoke’s powerful, Black English Shire stands a full 19 hands tall, but remains calm while the men converse.

There has been whispered talk in the stables about a new grade of steel devised by a visiting blacksmith. Thus, Sir Smoke and his crew cast experienced eyes over the other knights, but expect any changes in weaponry to be saved for the competition itself.

Alas, the only steel demonstrated by Sir Smoke and Eldora was in late season performance. But it was not enough to gain the bejeweled chalice of victory. To read of the Champion's Parade that honored the winner, Sir James of Johnson, please journey to Fall.

The Prince of Crew    
© 2005 Ann Boyer LePere    

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