"For NASCAR fans, the Dark Days are upon us. The season is finished. The Chase won. Awards presented. Speeches made. Banquet over … Testing … Rumors … Reruns … Long naps on Sunday afternoon. How many days until Daytona?
But in the Land of Velocity, wrapping up Jousting Season merely marks the shift from weekly outdoor contests to a time of indoor pursuits. As the weather grays and dampens, the various stables in the land are warm and torch lit. Peasants and lords alike are welcome to settle in and watch activities from lofts, benches and hay bales. This is the time of training new war mounts and testing equipment.
Will next season's horseshoes be hard or soft? Perhaps provided by a new blacksmith? With indoor practice comes the refitting and repair of armor. The splintering of lances on restrictor plates takes on a special vibration indoors. Squires have a chance to try their hand at the sword and pages learn squiring skills. Knights are jovial and there is much telling of stories and playing of jokes.  Many works of charity are carried out in the shire during these days."

1-5-07 Results of the 2006 Great Fling for Charity,
Awards Banquet presentations

This year's bragging rights belong to High's Castle Enhancement who dominated in both professional categories (Sponsor's Mighty Trebuchet Hurl and The Big Load.) The innovative use of track bar technology, gear ratios and rear grip evident in their newly constructed trebuchet gave them an obvious advantage. Ye Castle Shoppe will have to do some refitting to become competitive next year. Never-the-less, a substantial sum of money was raised for building and repairs for the needy of the land.

The winner's trophy was an artful piece of metal sculpture constructed by the Armorer's Guild. It was formed from competition debris such as  horseshoes, lug nuts, broken gears and armor scraps. All the elements were bronzed and gracefully spiraled around a twisted rear spoiler, then mounted on a base of black marble.

"Squire Alex of Kennedy" © 2006,  186x24, oil, 2007.

Open Division (12 to adult): Squires Alex of Kennedy and Derek of Thorn took both the catapult design and distance categories with a collaborative effort. The splat (circumference) category went to Sir Jimmy of Spencer, achieved with an enormous pumpkin from his estate gardens.

Youth Division (4-12): Most delightful catapult designed by a beginner- Guinevere, youngest maiden in the House of Carteret. Best overall catapult design- Riley Thomas, page in service of Sir Kasey of Kahne. Longest overall distance- Cole Alexander, kitchen lad from Petty Castle. Biggest splat (circumference)- Dylan Frederick, youngest son of head school-master of the western lands.

1-5-07 Merry Season Begins
Once the Christmas and New Year's holidays are over, Merry Season officially begins. Actually, the Awards Banquet for the Great Fling for Charity is the first in a series of events at which knights, squires and landed gentry negotiate or reaffirm alliances and loyalties. Members of the trade guilds also join in to represent sponsorship opportunities. Negotiations are discreetly carried on by all parties in conversations held within the context of social affairs and winter entertainments. As is custom, no solicitors or agents are involved and all handshakes are honored. Look for a report on the Grand Masked Valentine's  Day Ball to learn of any new team arrangements. After the ball, all is thus settled for the entire season. A very civilized approach, avoiding all the uncertainties of a season of silliness.

The Prince of Crew    
© 2005 Ann Boyer LePere    

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