16 x 20 Oil on Linen

Lady Wendy of Venturini takes her work as a tournament pit reporter very seriously. When interviewing the knights, crew squires and stable hands her attire is simple and practical. From sturdy leather boots to the fitted sleeves of gowns in rougher fabrics of wool and linen - nothing encumbers her ability to dodge errant lances and “steed patties.”

But for Lady Wendy’s official court portrait, she has chosen clothing in richer fabrics and the jewel tones that compliment her coloring. The saffron colored velvet gown repeats the signature yellow of her official head dress. The gown bodice and sleeves combine royal purple velvet and brocade with embellishments from the tapestry studio of Lady Rain. A heavy red satin cape with shimmering white lining complete her ensemble. Footwear? Delicate, laced boots in red suede.

Lady Wendy chose to wear her portrait finery to the Great Fling for Charity award banquet in January. If you were unable to attend and want a report of the winners, don your finery and journey to Winter.


The Prince of Crew    
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