18 x 24 Pastel on Board

By the time late summer settles over the tournament fields, the atmosphere is nearly ablaze with heat. Tankards of chilled spring water and the venting of armor with cooling ducts keep the knights and their rides competitive.

Squires and pages on pit road seek the shade of linen and silk tents unless an elevated view from the war wagon is needed. From there the chief crew squire scans the opposition for equipment infractions and assesses the condition of his own knight and charger. Heat matters not to this nobleman.

To learn how the Turnament season progresses, don a billed cap, take a flagon of water and journey to Summer.


The Prince of Crew    
© 2005 Ann Boyer LePere    

Citizens of Velocity

The Prince of Crew
Lady Wendy of Venturini
Tournaments of August
Viewing Yon Qualifying
Squire Alex of Kennedy
The Rookie Knight
Squire Gannon of Hollywood
Pocono Flag Maiden
Thanks, Dad
The Dream
Lady with a Squirrel
The Page
Squire Coleman of Dollarhide
Zoey's Tapestry
Thanks, Mom
Squire Lizzy
The Earl of Peletier
Mystery Squire
Rockingham Royalty
Tournaments 4 U