Traditionally the summer Tournaments migrate to the northern shires. Although this brings little actual relief from the mid-day heat, temperaments do improve. Summer is the favored time of year for twilight competitions. During daylight hours the teams languidly occupy themselves with repairs to equipment and calculations of rear air flow. It is usually too hot to even exert energy with pranks around the stables. (However, if  enough water is involved, an effort might be expended.)

The mounts loll under shade trees appearing more like plow horses than spirited war steeds. Even these noble horses need cajoling to don their armor and valances. But by late afternoon, the knights are prepared for an evening joust and spirits pick up. When the torches are lit, horses and riders are alert and anxious to pass tech so the contest can begin.

Summer crops flourish in the Land of Velocity. Vegetable and flower gardens aside, there is always intensity among the farmers who grow hay, corn and grain for the warhorses. These most specialized crops are constantly scrutinized, reformulated, and worried over. It is an honor for a farm to be chosen to provide high octane corn or grain fuel for the steeds of a royal jousting house. Special blends can often invigorate a lethargic horse who longs for October.

May 15, 2010
In May Lady Ann enjoyed a trip to Rockingham Joustway Park to collect research and references for the official portrait of Sir Andy and Lady Michelle Hillenburg. (See “Rockingham Royalty”) From a seat in the president’s suite overlooking the flag stand, Lady Ann watched the Hillenburgs effortlessly orchestrate all aspects of a successful day of jousting. This gracious couple took time from a busy tournament day for a quick pose then breezed off to preside over the winner’s circle.

In the pits, Lady Ann chatted with jousters and collected some new references of the “Mystery Knight.” His career is on the rise and a new portrait is planned – one in which his identity will be revealed.

August 15, 2007
"It's exhausting trying to keep up with all the changes that have resulted from an active "silly season" in NASCAR.
Teams with names as long as legal firms and all the driver changes can be mentally taxing. But in the Land of Velocity, the knights are able to keep their focus (such as it is in the summer heat) on winning the current season crown. "Merry Season," which will accomplish similar shifts in knights, crews and sponsors, takes place between New Year's Day and Valentine's Day.The residents of the Lo'V don't like having their heroes on edge during competitions and certainly don't like having their Christmas holidays interfered with.

The Prince of Crew    
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