16 x 28 pastel

"Squire Gannon of Hollywood cuts a dashing figure in the pits. This flamboyant and gregarious Jackman arrived in the Lo’V this season with a hint of mystery about him, though. What is in his past that accounts for the swept hilt of a rapier atop his jack? And how many crewmembers sport sueded blue boots?

Nevertheless Squire Gannon is fearless in his work and actively promotes his fellow crewmen. While in principle, all contributions of jousting crews, shop and stable workers are valued; truthfully, the knights receive all the cheers and huzzahs. Thus, Squire Gannon seeks to champion those who work behind the scenes and the brave crews who throw themselves over the wall and in front of warhorses every week."

The Prince of Crew    
© 2005 Ann Boyer LePere    

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