24 x 16 pastel
August 2007

"Joelle, youngest daughter of Lord and Lady Lion, is now the official flag maiden at all Tournaments in the Land of Velocity. RACiSAN, the two-headed dragon and source of all Tournament Creeds, has declared complete confidence in Maiden Joelle’s abilities. A debris caution is never questioned and all red flags from her delicate hand are just.

Coming from such a notable family, there were initial claims of favoritism.  During her year of apprenticeship, Maiden Joelle endured many jealousies and unkind whispers among the other maidens vying for the esteemed position. But her undeniable skill on the flag stand has quieted all such frivolous talk and she is now admired by the ladies and captivated by the young gentlemen of the Land.

The participation of Joelle's family in the Great Fling for Charity can be followed in Autumn."



The Prince of Crew    
© 2005 Ann Boyer LePere    

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