18 x 20 Oil on Linen

“Sir Bobby, the Earl of Peletier”

Builder, dreamer, determined visionary and dedicated craftsman … all these terms describe Sir Bobby, the Earl of Peletier. For years Sir Bobby has been working with his own hands to renovate his tournament field into a premier class venue where families can enjoy jolly Saturday nights of jousting fun.

From the VIP media tower to the immaculate tech stable and eatery — knights, crews and fans will lack for nothing. With an artist’s eye, the grounds have been embellished with colorful jousting memorabilia, palm trees and roses.

This legendary 4/10 mile field is located a short gallop from the Crystal Coast on the Sea of Atlantis where fans can vacation while taking in the competition. Knights will gladly travel from all corners of the Land to compete at the Carteret County Joustway and “joust the wave.”


The Prince of Crew    
© 2005 Ann Boyer LePere    

Citizens of Velocity

The Prince of Crew
Lady Wendy of Venturini
Tournaments of August
Viewing Yon Qualifying
Squire Alex of Kennedy
The Rookie Knight
Squire Gannon of Hollywood
Pocono Flag Maiden
Thanks, Dad
The Dream
Lady with a Squirrel
The Page
Squire Coleman of Dollarhide
Zoey's Tapestry
Thanks, Mom
Squire Lizzy
The Earl of Peletier
Mystery Squire
Rockingham Royalty
Tournaments 4 U