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Thank you for visiting the illuminated version of the Land of Velocity. A gallery tour of the paintings and stories of our noble citizens awaits you.

Lady Ann aka Ann Boyer LePere
Court Artist & Author
Land of Velocity

Chivalry at 180 mph

"The Land of Velocity has enjoyed peace and prosperity for centuries. Barely recalled is a time of past unpleasantness with authorities concerning some tariff issues. The Lord High Sheriff at the time had imposed burdensome taxes and regulations on the making and distribution of Mead.

Enjoyed by peasant and gentry alike, each family had a special recipe for this honey-wine. Some added spices, others herbs or fruit.

It was the conflict over the unfair restrictions on Mead that caused the houses of the land to retaliate. Skills necessary to both evade and confront law enforcement were developed.

Those with the greatest prowess in maneuvering the complexities of these arbitrary laws became the founders of what is now the Merry Sport of Jousting. Eventual replacement of the High Sheriff and legal reviews brought an end to the conflict. But jousting and the combat skills remain central to today's popular tournaments.

Lords and ladies, clergymen and musicians, tradesmen and squires all gather each Saturday from spring through early winter in faire meadows and town greens for Tournaments. Accompanied by music, storytelling, pageantry and lively jest, mounted knights drive their chargers into the melee.

Loud cheers encourage these royal champions of the people to fierce competition. With bravery and good cheer, they seek victory, the coveted checkered flag of honor, and the favour of maidens who wear their colors.

It might be said that these very tournaments now shape and define life in the Land. From Good King Richard of the House of Petty, to the average peasant, the land of Velocity is charged with electric anticipation of thundering speed and clashing armor."