16 x 20 Oil

Sir Alex of Kennedy waits patiently on pit road to qualify the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund Percheron Ford. His faithful page, young Joey from the land of Dream Factory, stands ready with the knight's helmet. On the course Sir Brainard qualifies the St. Baldrick's Foundation Chevy Shire. Land of Velocity knights champion many noble causes.




The Prince of Crew    
© 2005 Ann Boyer LePere    

Citizens of Velocity

The Prince of Crew
Lady Wendy of Venturini
Tournaments of August
Viewing Yon Qualifying
Squire Alex of Kennedy
The Rookie Knight
Squire Gannon of Hollywood
Pocono Flag Maiden
Thanks, Dad
The Dream
Lady with a Squirrel
The Page
Squire Coleman of Dollarhide
Zoey's Tapestry
Thanks, Mom
Squire Lizzy
The Earl of Peletier
Mystery Squire
Rockingham Royalty
Tournaments 4 U