18 x 24 Oil Mounted on Linen

Squire Alex of the House of Kennedy hails from the wild and vast Western Shires. A winsome, willing and selfless lad, young Alex shows promise for someday-achieving knighthood and favour in The Tournaments. As a page, he excelled in his studies, and continues to do so now as he juggles schooling with duties in the Legends and Late Model North Festivals.

Lady Kennedy has lovingly embroidered the numerals "LXI" on the saddle blanket of Squire Alex's white mustang, Maverick. At every opportunity, all the young squires mount their steeds to practice the lessons learned in service to their knights. Maverick is always the quickest and most adept in response to his master. Among the jolly mix of mules, ponies and cart horses, the sporty Maverick bears Squire Alex in knightly fashion.

You may read of young Alex of Kennedy's achievement in the Great Fling for Charity, by traveling to Winter.

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